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Filter Vats

Roxia filtrate vats are important constructional components in big tower press filter plates. Their primary function is to collect the filtrate and drain it out from the filter press. Filter vats need to withstand not only big pressures but also aggressive, wearing slurries and filtrates. This is why Roxia vats are made from wear-resistant, high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Filtrate collectors in connection to the vats have improved lip-sealings to keep the pressure inside the filter chamber and help achieve better filtration results.  Consult the Roxia filter service experts to select the most suitable filter vats for any filter application.

Durable Filter Vats

Roxia vats have been re-engineered to extend the lifetime not only of the vats themselves but also other filter parts. Vat’s primary functionality is to collect the filtrate in the filtrate collectors and drain it out from the tower press filter. All types of abrasive slurries and filtrates are processed and dewatered inside the filter plates. That is why the plate vats need to be made from durable materials to fight these aggressive conditions.

Roxia filtrate vats and collectors are made from extremely durable, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) which effectively resists any kind of erosion and corrosion. Wear-resistant HDPE enables the vats to last longer which brings immediate savings in spare part costs.


Tight Sealing, Prevent Plate Corrosion

During the pressing phase in the tower press filter cycle, the filtrate is squeezed out from the filter cake. Filter vats collect all the liquid in the filtrate collectors and protect the filter base plate. It is essential for vats to properly seal the filter chamber and prevent any dripping onto the plate.


Roxia filter vats:

  • Have improved sealing of the filtrate collector
  • Prevent erosion and corrosion of the filter plates
  • Keep the pressure in the filter chamber

Roxia vats are made from wear-resistant, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) which extends lifetime and saves on spares cost.


collector seal Flowrox

Roxia improved sealing of the filtrate collector. They properly seal the filter chamber and prevent any dripping onto the plate.




Vats Characteristics

Roxia vats can handle a large range or slurries. Typical mineral slurries are copper, zinc, lead, gold and certain foods or poppies in chemical and pharmaceutical applications. They all have one thing in common – none of them are easy to handle. Because of that, resistant vat material is required, and it works best only when paired with great engineering as is represented in Roxia filter vats.


Wear-resistant vat material

Based on years of experience, Roxia vats have been redesigned and more resistant material was chosen. We are using durable, wear-resistant polyethylene also known as HDPE. This polyethylene offers higher density and extends the vat lifetime.

Upon request, Roxia can also provide different high-density polyethylene raw materials. Filter vats made by Roxia can also withstand high slurry temperatures up to 80 °C. All listed properties make Roxia filtrate vats able to withstand the toughest applications.


Filter vat sizes and corner types

Vats are predominantly used in large filter plates, 6.0 m² size. They are also used in smaller, 2.5 m² plate size models. The construction of the 1.6 m² filter plate and does not require HDPE vats at all.

The standard sizes for Roxia filtrate vats are 6.0 m² and 2.5 m². Vats are available in all models, lowest, normal and top vat. You can also choose between different chamber heights, thicknesses and possible corner types. Contact us and consult the best options for your filter.


Possible corner types:

  • Corner type R220
  • Corner type 210 x 210
  • Corner type 173 x 173
filtrate vats-corners-flowrox

Filter vats by Roxia can have three different corner types: R220, 210 x 210 and 173 x 173.

Benefits & Features

Durable material

Extended lifetime



Improved sealing in collectors

Suitable for a wide range of filter applications

NOTE: Flowrox company rebrands to Roxia
NOTE: Flowrox pump and valve businesses sold to Neles