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Filtration Project Management and Documentation

Acquiring industrial filters in food and pharmaceutical industries is demanding. It is extremely important to find the most suitable filtration technology for specific purpose. We understand the challenge and deliver complete solutions including filtration testing, sizing, delivery and installation. Work does not stop there. We also handle the project management and the entire necessary documentation to make your life easier.

Filters for food & pharma

In the food and pharmaceutical industries alike, it is all about cleanliness, reliability and let’s not forget precision. Our filters might be just the right solution for you. Get better yield, efficient cake washing and constant operation.

Typical Roxia Filter Applications

Smart Filter Press (SFP)

  • Food production water streams
  • Process water polishing
  • Water purification and dewatering
  • Food
  • Beverage filtration, e.g. wine, beer
  • Oil filtration, e.g. rapeseed, olive oil
  • Chemicals
  • Biogas dewatering of fermentation residues

Filter Press

  • Solid particle removal from process water (polishing)
  • Waste and wastewater streams
  • Colour pigments

Related industries & applications


Our industrial filters are engineered to excellence and outperform in a wide range of dewatering applications within the industry.

CHEMICAL INDUSTRiesResistant Filtration Technology

In a corrosive environment, the conditions are tough and safety more important than ever. Our filters deliver it all!

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