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Basic Engineering

Basic Engineering is a crucial step in project development of any kind of industrial automation, electrification, and instrumentation.

In this stage, the initial process and project information is formulated to more detailed information. This serves as the basis of cost estimation and technical solutions of plant’s automation, electrification and instrumentation.

Our experts check interphases between disciplines and define the interface requirements accordingly.

Focus On the Basics

Proper execution of the basic engineering phase is a key to an on-time and on-budget project implementation. For this reason, Roxia automation, electrification and instrumentation specialists take extra care to plan the work process according to set requirements, deadlines and budgets.

Well planned is half done is especially true in this case: with high quality basic engineering, we avoid any potential issues in the following stages. Especially when working with complex scopes and several different parties.

Incorporating Diverse Knowledge

Basic engineering is a combination and strong collaboration between many disciplines: electrical, mechanical, automation, instrumentation, piping, process engineering, layout design, IT, purchasing and others. Every third-party device or technology package requires high-level industrial automation knowledge and cooperation of many different experts. At Roxia, we have them all.

How Do We Approach Basic Engineering?

Let’s have a look at an example of a different involvement of disciplines, mentioned above. Process engineering together with piping design must interact with instrumentation to ensure required circumstances for measurements and automatic valves. The layout design must be aligned with electrical engineering to ensure the required space for electrical components and cable trays.

Process experts interact with automation engineers. Together, they come up with continuous, robust process control algorithms as well as production reporting and material tracking. At Roxia we find the best overall solution to support your project.

We Make It Happen

Roxia skilled and experienced professionals lead, execute and implement successful projects, effective automation and electrification systems.

Our Basic Engineering services typically cover:

General project guide documentation for EIA (Electrification, instrumentation and automation)

  • General project guidelines are a foundation for a good and trouble-free detail engineering process
  • Example documentation: Coding procedures for EIA equipment and documentation
  • General descriptions for automation, electrification and instrumentation

Multidisciplinary documentation and support

  • Groundwork in other disciplines minimises pitfalls during detail engineering and equipment supply
  • Example documentation: PIDs instrumentation and automation part
  • Layout support, electrical and automation rooms, cable tray routing
  • HVAC support concerning electrical/automation rooms


  • Control instrumentation plays a crucial role that’s why it is important to choose the most suitable one. Roxia experts suggest the selection of all instrumentation based on given project/process requirements. We have lots of experience with all the major brands of control systems and measurement devices used in the processing industries.
  • Example documentation: List of instruments, Typical hook-up drawings, I/O list


  • Depending on your process, control philosophy, parameters and findings in the basic engineering phase, we supply an entire control system design, tailored to your specific needs
  • Example documentation: System diagram, Description of automation


  • Roxia experts design power and process electrification to fulfil process and maintenance demands for the plant’s smooth and safe operation.
  • Example documentation: Single line diagrams, List of electrical consumers, Typical schematic and wiring diagrams

Detailed Engineering

Detailed engineering is the next logical step following basic engineering. After the initial processes and project information have been defined by basic engineering, it is time to hand it over to detailed engineering. To keep the best overview of the process, it is the most convenient to trust the project to one team. That is why Roxia offers not only basic engineering but also detailed engineering services.

Wholesome Approach

Roxia manages entire lifecycle of any industrial automation project. Our skilled professionals ensure suitable design, consistency and functionality of a project throughout its execution. We manage engineering projects including the following:

  • Project management
  • Product and technology expertise
  • Purchasing and expediting
  • Process electrification
  • Process instrumentation
  • Process automation
  • PLC (programmable logic controller) & PC-programming
  • DCS (distributed control system) programming

Roxia detailed engineering service is a full deal. We have full expertise to manage entire industrial automation projects and implement the process electrification, instrumentation and automation using our own resources. Our skilled project engineers have experience from various industries and are able to tie together the requirements and expectations to a successfully finished project.


Besides of handling all different stages listed above, we also make sure all safety guidelines are followed in an appropriate way. It does not only mean the safety of everyone involved and safety of the equipment, but also the safety of the project. Our detailed engineering specialists always work towards minimising the risks associated with any engineering projects.

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