Plate Seals for Tower Presses

  • Reliable sealing
  • Perfect finishing, dimensioning and product quality
  • Long lifetime
  • Lower maintenance costs

OEM quality & improved performance

The main purpose of filter plate seals is to tightly seal off the tower press filtration chambers. If the sealing is not perfect, slurry leaks out of the filter chamber and damages frames, filter cloths and other filter parts. Premature damage of spares results in higher costs, safety risks and increases filter downtime.

Typical problem of most common filter seal types: Unfilled holes in the back side of the seal. Typical problem of common filter plate seals: Seal elements are dropping out of the frame. Typical problem of common filter plate seal: Leaking through joints of seal elements or entire seal area.

Typical problems of common filter plate seals

  • Leaking through joints of seal elements or entire seal area
  • Seal elements are dropping out of the frame
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  • Leakage under the seal element – unfilled hole between steel stripes means no sealing between the frame and seal element at that exact point
  • Unfilled holes in the back side of the seal – when compressed, those are the weakest spots where rubber breaks, slurry leaks and causes damage to other parts of the filter
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Roxia 2,5 m² and 6 m² filter plate seals ensure tight sealing

  • Consistent, flat 3-4 mm wide rubber area in both ends of seal elements – firm joints ensure tight sealing
  • An even rubber strip in the back holds seal elements in place
  • No holes in the back side of the seal – prevent leaking and protects other filter parts
  • Perfect finishing – a professional look of Roxia filter seals tells about how much attention is given to every single filter spare part

Do you need assistance with filter maintenance issues?

Correct assembly of seal elements is important to ensure leak-free operation. Even when high quality seals are available, wrong assembly methods can affect tightness. Roxia filtration specialists provide you with professional support to optimize filter operations and extend lifetime of spare parts. Find your closest contact below.

2,5 m² and 6 m² Roxia filter plate seal elements

  • NR and EPDM rubber
  • Reinforced with AISI 316 steel plates
  • consistent, flat 3-4 mm wide rubber area in both ends of each seal element

1,6 m² Roxia filter plate seals

  • moulded in one piece
  • NR and EPDM rubber
  • different plate types and corner options available

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