Field Services

  • Minimised downtime
  • Maintenance costs under control
  • No unexpected faults

Work With Experienced Service Specialists

Our field services and regular maintenance ensures that the automation and electrification equipment is kept in top shape and does not cause unnecessary downtime.

Corrective Maintenance

Electronic equipment can fail at any time. Why? A characteristic of electronics is a random failure. This means it does not deteriorate before failing and can cause unexpected failures that are hard to predict. Do not worry. We are here for you. Our experienced team can fully support your maintenance management and also any other kind of field services.

Our field service professionals have the skills and tools to troubleshoot and repair:

  • low and middle voltage switchgears,
  • variable speed drives,
  • field instruments,
  • fieldbus systems
  • and PLC/DCS systems.

Preventive Maintenance

Although it is difficult to predict electronics’ failure, there are certain actions that can extend components’ lifetime. Keep not only the components, but everything built around them on close inspection. Preventive maintenance in industrial automation field revolves around:

  • Are enclosures and accessories well protected from contamination?
  • Is there a possible threat to the static electronic equipment?
  • Is the entire instrumentation in its place? Have any parts loosened up in the process?
  • Are some of the internal components running out of life cycle?
  • Are annual maintenance actions or checks done?

We can help you plan the maintenance before the failures even occur and save precious time. Roxia industrial automation team can also carry out full inspections, set up or evaluate existing preventive maintenance processes.

Electrical drives and automation equipment is often expensive, and it is reasonable to extend the life cycle by annual maintenance action like changing the cooling fans and/or the integral battery system. We are accredited service partner for ABB drives, and can handle the entire maintenance.

Electrical Installation

Roxia experts are highly trained and experienced in electrical switchgear installations upgrades and inspections. We install and supervise the installations for all types of middle voltage and low voltage switchgears. Our team is skilled for life-cycle improvements and safety upgrades including inspections and testing also at the ATEX areas.

Our installation experts are also qualified and trained for variable speed drives. We deliver and install all types of VSDs; single drives and line drives together with testing and programming. We are also an accredited service partner for ABB drives.

Before any kind of installation work, we always carefully assess the requirements and offer appropriate installation services.

After reviewing the electrical design, we prepare the materials in compliance with safety standards and other regulations. We make sure the wiring is correct and able to handle the necessary electrical power throughout the automation facilities. Contact us for expert services, tailored to industrial needs.

Remote Monitoring

Some locations are out of reach, some environments can be even toxic and harder to approach. Or you simply want to save time. Instead of manually checking or personally visiting the site, you can get remote help and minimise visits to the site. We act not only on-site, but also off-site via remote monitoring.

How does remote monitoring work?

  • Your industrial automation system detects a deviation or a possible maintenance need
  • Our expert team remotely assesses the situation. We act and react fast.
  • The deviation is fixed remotely and the work is done in the most efficient way.
  • We don’t stop here. Remote monitoring also gives us the opportunity to remotely discover improvement opportunities for your process!

Optimize process with remote support

Remote monitoring opens a wide spectre of process optimisation options. Roxia team consists of knowledgeable experts not only in the industrial automation field, but also professionals with valuable practical process knowledge. By reviewing process parameters, we can remotely advise you how to optimise them and achieve better productivity.


Did something fail but you cannot find the root cause? It is a common problem that something fails, the system sends the alarm but does not tell exactly what is wrong. We can help. Troubleshooting is a big part of our support within industrial automation:

  • Discover root causes by using latest troubleshooting techniques
  • Get help from trained industrial automation and electrification experts for:
    • Middle and Low Voltage switchgears
    • VSDs
    • Field Instruments and automatic valves
    • System and fieldbus networks
    • PLC and DCS systems

Maintenance Engineering

Equipment upgrades and smaller changes in the process are a constant in industrial automation. The ultimate goal is to reach higher productivity with lower costs. We know that and through maintenance engineering, we can optimise your process on a smaller scale. A lot can be done without big investments or full overhauls, that often require longer downtime.

New process requirements still need:

  • Engineering
  • Documentation updates
  • Training

Our maintenance engineering solutions: the full package

Even though we have lots of experience and knowledge handling entire industrial automation systems, we do not shy away from smaller projects. Any upgrade that improves your process is important to us.

Our maintenance engineering team handles:

  • Project engineering
  • Project planning
  • Execution and project management
  • Review existing or create additional documentation
  • Personnel training

Let’s talk and find the best solution for your business!

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