Ceramic Disc Filter

  • High capacity & excellent process results
  • Low investment costs
  • Low energy consumption
  • Reliable operation & high availability
  • Complete lifetime support by Roxia filtration experts

Complete filtration solutions

Roxia Ceramic Disc™ (CD) Filter requires low investment and delivers clear filtrate with dry cake. Compared to conventional vacuum filters, it consumes approximately 90 % less energy. Roxia CD filter operates continuously with high capacity and is cost-efficient solution for many concentrator and tailings processes.

Roxia delivers long-term solutions to maximize your production, reduce downtime and lower total costs. Roxia experts provide you with the whole package and complete lifetime support.

Applications for Roxia Ceramic Disc Filter

Mining, Minerals Processing & Metallurgy

Concentrate slurries:

  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Gold
  • Phosphates


  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Molybdenum
  • Phosphorus
  • Quartz sand

Chemical Industries

  • Quartz sand
  • Phosphorus (depends on used classification standards)
  • Industrial minerals, e.g. zeolites, gypsum, lime
  • Waste and wastewater streams

Power and Incineration Industries

  • Gypsum slurry

Other Industries

  • Waste and wastewater streams
Applications (concentrates) for Roxia Ceramic Disc Filter (CD): iron, copper, zink, gold and phosphates.

Better results with lower investment

  • High capacity: filtration capacity of Roxia Ceramic Disc (CD) Filter can be up to 2000 kg DS/m2 per hour. This equals to 240 tons per hour with a single unit.
  • Continuous operation principle: simplifies automation, operation and improves reliability. Process material flow is even and constant which makes it easier to manage.
  • Energy savings: requires significantly less installed vacuum power. Cuts down up to 90 % of energy costs compared to conventional vacuum filters.
  • Clearer filtrate and drier cake: filtrate solid content is on average less than 20 mg/litre. Compared to other kinds of filters where it is usually several hundreds of milligrams or even a few grams per litre.


Capacity of Roxia Ceramic Disc Filter™ is high: up to 2000 kg DS/m² per hour.

Enhanced Process with Smart Filtration

Roxia connects industrial filters to the Roxia Malibu online portal and enables remote monitoring of performance. With Smart Filtration, operators can analyse and optimise filtration process, increase production volume and detect failures before they even occur. All that can be done from anywhere with any computer, smart phone or other handheld device with internet connection.


Roxia troubleshooting tools detect abnormalities in the process and automatically send alarms via email.

Technical data

Roxia Ceramic Disc FilterTM (CD)

Filter name Filtration area m² Disc area
Roxia CD 3 15 15 3
Roxia CD 3 30 30 3
Roxia CD 3 45 45 3
Roxia CD 6 60 60 6
Roxia CD 6 90 90 6
Roxia CD 12 120 120 12
Roxia CD 12 144 144 12

Other sizes are available upon request.

Optional features:

  • Plate acid wash system
  • Dervice solutions & service contract
  • Selection of filter elements with different porosities

Additional features:

  • Smart Filtration
  • Service solutions & service contract
  • Cake conveyor
  • Feed pump system
  • Filtrate pump

Air, Water & Electricity Consumption

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