Wood & Energy

  • Automation for better running process
  • More efficient operation
  • Emission control and reporting

Solutions You Can Trust

Roxia solutions are reliable and work well also within the energy and wood industries. Whether we are talking about power plants, district heating networks or sawmills, we can handle it. Our expertise is in a complete electrification, instrumentation and automation delivery for any process in the field.

Power Plants

Essential unit of any power plant is a boiler. And a boiler needs a burner to keep the process running. To keep the heart of the power plant running as it should, it is important to have a reliable system. Our experts help you pick the most suitable system for your needs.

Typical cases:

  • Solid fuel boiler
  • Solid fuel conveying and dosing systems
  • Industrial burners
  • Contact us for other options

Our expertise is in a complete electrification, instrumentation and automation delivery for any process in the energy and wood fields.

District Heating Network

Common applications:

  • Pumping stations
  • District Heating Network Management
  • Auxiliary boilers


Total EIA solutions for:

  • Conveying systems
  • Log handling systems
  • Log cutting line

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