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Filtration Test Services

Filtration test service is recommended for optimizing the solid/liquid separation process or when choosing the correct filter type and size. Roxia has many different filter test units, which simulate the operation of the full-size industrial filter and ensure reliable results. Tests can be done on site or in the filtration laboratory. Onsite testing is much faster and does not require interrupting filter’s operation.

Filtration testing optimizes existing process

Typically, filtered slurry or process conditions keep changing over time. Therefore, filters are often not running in the most optimal way and process performance drops. To improve the situation, filter parameters should be reset and operation of auxiliary equipment checked. Roxia test units make it easy and fast to test the slurry on site, without disturbing the production. Contact us and book an appointment!


Get accurate insight into filtration parameters

In solid/liquid separation, countless variables affect the filtration process and end result. Through careful testing we can achieve a better understanding of the most important filtration parameters in the process. Each process is completely unique and operation of the filter must be adjusted accordingly. Because of the changes in the slurry, it is recommended to do testing  on a regular basis. Based on the results, filter’s operation can be optimized to reach the best performance.

The most important parameters are:

  • Filtration capacity, kg DS/m²h
  • Cake moisture, % w/w
  • Cake washing results
  • Filter cloth selection
  • Filtrate clarity
  • Optimal filtration cycle


Wide filter cloth selection

Selection of filter cloths enables you to choose the right type of cloth for individual application, minimizing costs and maximizing production. Choose between filter cloths for tower presses and filter presses.


Roxia filtration test units

We offer different types of filter test units. The size of the sample depends of the size of the unit and ranges from 20 to 200 litres. For more information, contact us.

  • Ceramic disc test unit 0,02 m²
  • Filter press test unit, sizes 0,02 m² and 1,2 m²
  • Tower press test unit, sizes 0,1 m² and 0,01 m²
  • Smart filter press test unit 0,18 m²

Interested in real-time insight on the filtration process?

Smart Filtration helps you to troubleshoot and significantly optimize production. Follow the link above and find out more.



The filtration test units simulate the operation of the full-size industrial filter.



Roxia filtration experts can execute all tests on site or in the laboratory.


Portable control unit uses pressurized air for exact sequence management.



Smart Filtration utilizes existing control system and sensors and connects the filters to the Roxia Malibu™ online portal.

Features & benefits

Full understanding of the filtration parameters

Help you choose the best possible filter for the duty

Optimize process performance

NOTE: Flowrox company rebrands to Roxia
NOTE: Flowrox pump and valve businesses sold to Neles