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Digital Solutions Combine AIoT and Ease Preventive Maintenance

Roxia Digital Solutions is a new way to combine your process and AIoT (artificital intelligence of things). Through Roxia Malibu™ online portal, Digital Solutions provide real-time information from the site and enable preventive maintenance. Remote access allows to manage, measure, analyse and compare the processes or devices from anywhere with a computer or any handheld device.

The real-time information from site results in optimized production, maximized output and minimized unplanned shutdowns. Roxia Digital Solutions AIoT-technology can be integrated to any existing process equipment and control systems and is fully compatible with third party equipment. It is not meant to replace current systems like DCS and SCADA. Smart valves, smart pumps and filters are next generation solutions delivering data and information in order to provide reliable and cost-efficient production.

Get equipment condition and problem notifications

Monitor process operations and receive most relevant analytics. Reports are easy to make and include clear visual representation of data according to chosen indicators.

Use analytics tools for pre-failure detection

Malibu can predict failures before they occur, help with planing preventive maintenance and manage unplanned shutdowns.