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Online Process Monitoring, Maintenance and Analysis

Roxia Malibu™ portal is a combined IIoT online process monitoring, maintenance and analysis tool. The data is collected from sensors mounted on a device, sent to a cloud, processed and shown in the Malibu online portal. Roxia Malibu is easy for anyone to view and use, because data is presented through a 3D model of the actual plant eg. pump station, filtration process, thickener or other devices or parts of industrial environment or process. In other words, Malibu is a customized user interface tailor-made for your process. This IIoT online process monitoring portal enables (preventive) maintenance and analysis of the process.

Customized IIoT online process monitoring

The heart of the Roxia Digital Solutions is the Roxia Malibu™ portal:

  • Operator friendly user interface
  • Connecting your plant performance and your equipment
  • Malibu enables you to solve challenges before they become problems
  • 3D model of Your production facilities

Malibu makes industrial products smart

Malibu collects data from smart products in operation. This data is converted into easily accessible and visual format. Roxia Malibu, IIoT online process monitoring also functions as a reporting and analytics tool. Together Malibu and smart products create Roxia Digital Solutions. Ask more about our retrofit solutions!


View from Roxia Malibu portal

Benefits and features

Minimized unplanned shutdowns

Effective mobile production control with a visual view in one single user interface and alarm limits.

Easy access to documentation

All documentation and tacit knowledge available and in use in all situations, by all relevant personnel.

Efficient maintenance

Predictive maintenance & remote controlling.

Increased production efficiency

Holistic view overall production lines and factory activities.

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NOTE: Flowrox company rebrands to Roxia
NOTE: Flowrox pump and valve businesses sold to Neles