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Polar-Automaatio Is Now a Part of Roxia

Polar-Automaatio’s parent company Flowrox successfully completed the sale of its valve- and pump businesses to Neles. Flowrox company rebranded to Roxia. At the same time also Polar-Automaatio’s name changed to Roxia Automation Oy.

What Changed?
The name of Polar-Automaatio Oy changed to Roxia Automation Oy. Business ID’s, VAT numbers and such remain the same. Email suffix changed from to You can find more information on

The Origin of Roxia
Roxia is a family-owned global company headquartered in Finland. Rox in the name relates to the owners’ long business history. It has been always integrated into their company names from 1974 until today. Ia refers to industrial automation, one of the three business areas. Finally, the ox presents the oxidation phenomenon in the flagship product of the environmental technologies.

Performance — driven by people

Roxia’s purpose is to combine the know-how and the best technologies for the customers. Customer service is in our DNA. By working together, we provide solutions and help companies to improve performance.

We offer our support from subsidiaries in Australia, Chile, China, Finland, Germany, Peru, Russia, South Africa, Sweden and the United States along with our representative network.

We are looking forward to continuing to support your business.

Read the press release HERE (Flowrox Company Rebrands to Roxia).

NOTE: Flowrox company rebrands to Roxia
NOTE: Flowrox pump and valve businesses sold to Neles