Real-time Filtration Analytics and Automatic Reporting

Project Overview


Mining and mineral processing industry


The need for real-time analytics

An alternative to manual production, quality, and maintenance reporting was needed


Roxia SmartCube™

Roxia Malibu™


  • Fast and low-cost IIoT-system implementation
  • Real-time view for pumps and dewatering equipment
  • Automated PDF reports for different personnel, including production, quality, and maintenance reports
  • Suitable user interface for different user groups, such as operators, maintenance workers and management level
  • Easy-to-use and interactive reporting tools
  • Automated alarms and notifications for process parameters, production deviations and maintenance needs
  • Possibility for online & remote troubleshooting
  • Better process analytic tools and filtration
  • 2 years of data storage
  • Huge expansion possibilities
  • High-level cyber security included

One of Roxia’s European customers with a long history in international mining and mineral processing decided to start an IIoT project together with us. The installation of the Roxia MalibuTM solution for a single hose pump in a gold mine located in Turkey enabled automatic reporting and filtration analytics in real-time.

The preliminary idea was to monitor pump performance and health, as it was a critical piece of equipment in gold processing. Roxia supplied all necessary hardware including a wide set of instrumentation, such as vibration, temperature, and pressure sensors. Those sensors were connected to the new Roxia SmartCube™ edge device, which analyses the data and transmits it to the Roxia Malibu Cloud system. The system and its customized user interface provided a good overview of the pump’s current status, performance, and maintenance needs – all in real-time, without the need to change any existing control infrastructure on site. The gained data is presented in a user-friendly format and the system can be accessed with a normal web browser or mobile phone.

Roxia’s Application Manager for Smart Solutions, Simo Rounela, is checking the first installation on site

Extension of use and integration of filter presses

After successful piloting, the customer decided to expand the already existing system. As Roxia is well known for dewatering and especially filtration technology, the next integration was concerning three horizontal, fast-action filter presses used in tailings dewatering. Those filters were already over 10 years old with original control panels and manufactured by another supplier.

The new system integration utilized the Roxia SmartCube™ Gateway, which was already used to collect all existing data these filters had in each of their control systems. One SmartCube™ was able to integrate all three filters with a single Ethernet cable and without any changes to the filter’s programmable logic controller (PLC) software. All filters remained in a running state through the integration process and on-site installation time was less than a normal workday.

                                                         Mapping all data points and designing the solutions

Easy SmartCube installation with remote support

The latest upgrade was concerning the fourth filter press used in the gold concentrate dewatering process. The project started at that time when due to the COVID-19 pandemic, traveling was restricted. But because the customer environment was already well known to our Roxia Automation Engineers, the new SmartCube installation was fully completed by the customer’s Automation Engineers, and it was done within one hour of work.

Malibu view for accessing real-time measurements – here with example data

Secured Data

Roxia Digital Services are secured by SSL/TLS encryption – the same technology used for e.g. internet banking. Hardware-based Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and physical firewalls isolate filter PLC from public networks. Roxia is using its own internet connection to send the data to the cloud. Roxia Smart Cube is configured as a read-only system, which means that our Smart Filtration tool cannot affect the filtration process in any way. No DCS (Distributed Control System) integration is needed, but it can be arranged upon request.


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