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Wastewater Treatment

Roxia Environmental Technologies offer flexible solutions for industrial wastewater treatment. Together with our partner network, we have access to state-of-the-art technologies and vast expertise in water and wastewater processes. Our approach starts with a careful study and investigation of onsite options, laboratory and pilot-scale tests and finally full-scale process design and complete solution delivery. Not only do we provide new solutions but we also offer services to improve existing ones. We also offer continuous support for our customers to meet and maintain their target emission levels.

Processes & Technologies

Water treatment nearly always requires a multi-step process combining several unit operations. We apply the best available techniques and find the most feasible combination to each case. Such techniques typically include chemical treatment like pH control, coagulation and flocculation; flotation, settling or other solid-liquid separation processes like filtration; aeration or advanced oxidation etc. Roxia also develops completely new technologies for water treatment. As our water treatment flag ship, check out the world’s first direct plasma oxidation system: Roxia Plasma Oxidizer.

Circular Economy: Reuse Waters

Once treated appropriately, industrial waters can be reused onsite. Such opportunities are easily overlooked and require careful learning of the plant operation and the processes where water is used. Roxia experts can review these opportunities and help customers reduce the amount of spent and discharged waters.


Studies of the wastewater are done by Roxia experts with a variety of technologies and processes.

Containerized Unit Operations

To avoid expensive and time-consuming investments, we offer containerized units for different wastewater treatment processes (screening, chemical dosing, flotation, etc). Each unit is engineered for a specific process, ready to plug and play. The units can be combined into a tailored wastewater treatment solution. The system comes with full process automation required for reliable and safe operation. Integrated online monitoring keeps you up-to-date about process operation at any time and any place.

Inlet Unit

  • Transfer pumping
  • Screening
  • Other optional pre-treatment

Chemical Dosing Unit

  • Dosing and mixing systems
  • Polymer preparation
  • Quality and volume monitoring

Flotation Unit

  • Nano- and microbubble generation
  • Dissolved air flotation
  • Mechanical separation

Dewatering Unit

  • Sludge dewatering
  • Solids collection in a geotextile bag
  • Roll-off container for transportation

Filtration Unit

  • High-performance pressure filtration
  • Sludge drying
  • Filtrate polishing

Oxidation Unit

  • Advanced oxidation process
  • Direct non-thermal plasma treatment
  • Odour, colour, VOCs and COD removal

Inlet unit

chemical dosing unit

Chemical dosing unit


Flotation unit


Dewatering unit


Filtration unit


Oxidation unit

How Can Roxia Solve Your Problems?

We have a systematic and customer-oriented approach to find the best water and wastewater treatment solutions.

1. Preliminary assessment

We help define the basic information and collect all technical details. Then we assess the scope of the challenge and conceptualize probable solutions. Through site visits and field testing or laboratory studies, we gain understanding of the onsite opportunities and how the water responds to treatment.

2. Solution proposal

Pilot-scale studies of the wastewater are done with a variety of technologies and processes. After the preliminary assessments, Roxia experts may offer pilot studies, design on flow chart level and estimates on the scope of the likely investment and related operational expenses.

3. Design, delivery & support

After reviewing all information, we conduct a detailed design project for the water treatment system, manufacture and deliver the process. Roxia offers continuous support to ensure our customers meet and maintain their target emission levels!



We assess the scope of the challenge and conceptualize probable solutions.


In this process, Roxia GeoBoxes are dewatering oily and sandy sludges. The former are then transported to the biogas production and the latter for composting.

COD removal


Colour & odour control

Solids removal

Special pollutants removal

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NOTE: Flowrox company rebrands to Roxia
NOTE: Flowrox pump and valve businesses sold to Neles