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Basic Engineering

Basic Engineering is a crucial step in project development. In basic engineering, initial process and production design will be formulated to more practical level and constructability will be studied. Also the effects and connections between disciplines will be checked and interface requirements will be descripted. This is very important step and work that needs to be done, since successful (on time and on budget) project implementation is targeted. With high quality basic engineering, many hick-ups can be avoid especially with 3th party equipment’s or technology packages.

Basic engineering is a combination and strong collaboration between the engineering disciplines. Process engineering together with piping design must interact with instrumentation to ensure required circumstances for measurements and automatic valves. Layout design must co-work with electrical engineering to ensure required spaces for electrical components and cables trays. Process experts must interact with the automation engineers to evolve continuous and robust process control algorithms as well as production reporting and material tracking. And all this is needed as a whole and in every 3th party device or package.

We can provide skilled and experienced people for helping in building successful projects and effective automation and electrification systems.

Our Basic Engineering typically covers the following areas:

  • P&I Diagrams
  • Instrument selection & sizing
  • Control system design
  • Power Distribution & network modelling
NOTE: Flowrox company rebrands to Roxia
NOTE: Flowrox pump and valve businesses sold to Neles