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Safe, Reliable and Environment Friendly

Roxia offers a reliable Roxia Filter Press and Smart Filter Press. The environmental technologies provide industrial technology solutions for water purification and sludge treatment.

Common challenges

Mostly, industrial water treatment and wastewater industries include highly abrasive and corrosive applications which call for heavy duty equipment. On top of withstanding those demanding processes, the equipment needs to be safe and reliable. For example, most wastewater treatment plants use ozone, UV or chemical treatment. Each of them presents either high energy costs, issues with turbidity or chemical handling risks. With heavy duty products and environmental solutions targeted at this industry, Roxia generates savings in water, waste, wastewater and process fluid handling while promoting overall safety.


Roxia solution

Roxia Plasma Oxidizer, powerful industrial water purification technology, eliminates all of them, thereby mitigating costs and environmental risks. Roxia GeoBox, mobile geotextile filtration and dewatering unit, enables easy and cost-efficient transportation of solids or concentrated sludge. Roxia filter press presents fully automatic operation, high quality, superb performance and high availability. The safety features and systems are already integrated.

Roxia Smart Filter Press (SFP) is a sophisticated little giant reaching up to 10 times higher capacity compared to conventional recessed filter presses of the same size. Roxia Smart Filter Press has various new and innovative features including fully automatic cake discharge and trouble-free operation without operator involvement. Unique design of this sludge filter press has integrated smart self-monitoring system. This makes the SFP filter the safest and the least labour demanding automatic filter press at the market.

All Roxia products can be enhanced with Roxia Digital Solutions, which combine any process and IIoT (industrial internet of things).

Some of the main processes in water and wastewater industry where you can find Roxia product include:


Roxia Filter Press

  • Polishing
  • Wastewater streams

Roxia Plasma Oxidizer: awesome plasma technology

  • Disinfects water
  • Destroys organic pollutants
  • Removes colour and odour
  • Prevents membrane fouling
  • Purifies plant cooling water
  • Removes pharmaceutical residues

Roxia GeoBox is suitable for:

  • Sewage sludge dewatering
  • Tailings dewatering
  • Concentration of oily sludge
  • Separation of precipitated solids and impurities
  • Filtration and dewatering of clay, sand and other fine particles

Smart Filter Press

  • Food production water streams
  • Beverage and wine
  • Process water polishing
  • Waste water purification and dewatering
  • Waste incineration plants
NOTE: Flowrox company rebrands to Roxia
NOTE: Flowrox pump and valve businesses sold to Neles