Project overview

  • Annual savings -25 % from wastewater costs
  • Grease and solids no longer block the sewers
  • Sludge is used for biogas production

Customer: Hätälä, Finland’s leading fish producer, fish processing wastewater treatment

Challenge: High wastewater costs (€/m³)

Solution: Water and sludge treatment with remote monitoring, separation of solids, repurposing solids and fatty sludge

Results: Less waste, reduced load to municipal WWTP, 25 % savings in wastewater costs, preventive maintenance

Overall view of the wastewater treatment process before the water reaches the sewers. Hätälä - Roxia.

Solids No Longer Block Sewers in Wastewater Treatment Process

Hätälä fish refinery used to channel all their wastewater directly to the municipal wastewater treatment plant. Not only they faced high costs, but they also experienced repeated blockages in the system caused by grease and solids in the sewers.

After careful examination, Roxia and Owatec experts suggested establishing a pre-treatment unit that would separate solids and grease from the wastewater. Per year, Hätälä handles 110 000–130 000 m³ of wastewater and 500–1000 tons of sludge. With these amounts, already separating the solid particles could significantly improve or eliminate the issues.

We created a customised wastewater treatment process. The entire operation is automated and remotely monitored with Roxia Malibu (IIoT platform). This allows Hätälä to save time and focus on their core business. The automation system also monitors pollutant limit values. With only a few clicks, the customer can get instant reports about quality values and treated volume.

Since the installation of the wastewater unit, Hätälä gets two in one: a 25 % reduction of wastewater costs and lower level of impurities. Because solids and grease are now removed from the wastewater, the sewers do not get blocked. What is more, solids and fat sludge are used as biogas feedstock. Recycling such valuable components contributes to better use of resources and reducing the environmental impact.

How did we improve performance?

“The wastewater treatment process equipment by Owatec and Roxia Malibu automation have been innovative and the process is running smoothly. We have gained both savings and lower impurities levels.”


Full Automation Through IIoT Platform

The entire wastewater treatment process is fully automated: remotely monitored and controlled with Roxia Malibu, the IIoT platform. Hätälä staff can access the view from any device with an internet connection. Below is the overall view of the wastewater treatment process before the water reaches the sewers.

  1. Inlet unit: transfer pumps and screening
  2. Dewatering unit
  3. Chemical dosing unit
  4. Flotation unit: solids and fat separation
  5. Sludge tank for solids separated in flotation
  6. Discharge to sewer

Our customer: Hätälä Oy

Hätälä is Finland’s leading fish producer located in Oulu, Northern Finland. They employ over 200 fish-processing professionals and have revenue of over 100 M€. Hätälä prides itself in responsibly farmed or caught fish in their products.


BrochureFish Processing Wastewater Treatment

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Case studyAeration Turned Smart

  • No more odour problem caused by low oxygen level
  • Freezing problem eliminated
  • Remote monitoring saves operators’ working hours
  • Improved discharged water quality
EKJH Waste Management Company
What was the challenge
Five 1,5 kW Roxia Floating Aerators
What were the results
Water aeration in the equalization basin


ArticleRoxia treats difficult leachate and reject waters in Lappeenranta

Reduce Environmental Impact

Environmental concerns, wastewater fees, or meeting emission limits can be challenging for any food processing plant. To help you out, we have a team of wastewater treatment experts. With innovative solutions, we help you set up environment-friendly processes and improve economic efficiency.

Apply Eco-Friendly Onsite Treatment

  • Pretreat wastewaters onsite before discharge to a public sewer network
  • Remove trouble-making substances like FOG (fats, oils & grease), solids and harmful pollutants
  • Discover opportunities to repurpose material streams from wastewater

Bring Down Wastewater Costs & Fees

  • Significantly improve discharged wastewater quality
  • Reduce emission fees per volume
  • Avoid costly problems from accumulating FOG and solids
  • Prevent penalty fees from exceeding emission limits

Best Available Technology & Associated Emission Levels (BAT-AEL)

  • State-of-the-art technologies for meeting BAT-AELs
  • Proven performance in food processing wastewaters
  • Remote monitoring and IIoT systems for user-friendly operation and KPI reporting

Strong User Support: Get a Complete Set Up

We understand that water treatment is often not your core business. That is why we also offer setting up the water and wastewater treatment processes. Together we plan the service based on your needs to better handle all day-to-day issues concerning waste streams. And you can concentrate on running and developing your core business.

Our water treatment services for food processing include:

  • Problem solving and consulting
  • Testing and piloting
  • Basic engineering and design of the wastewater process
  • Fast delivery of a wastewater treatment system
  • Process optimisation
  • Remote monitoring, analytics & control

Online Monitoring & Control

Roxia Malibu™ is a new way to combine your process and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Remote access allows you to manage, measure and analyse your water treatment processes out of the control room with a computer or any handheld device. Malibu can predict failures before they occur, allowing you to manage unplanned shutdowns.

Analytics tools and Roxia expert services help optimise your processes and increase productivity in food production’s water treatment. The system can be integrated into any existing process equipment and control system.

  • Plant process monitoring
  • Remote monitoring and support
  • Improved safety
  • Predict equipment failures before they occur
  • Easy access to documentation

Designed to Last

Our Environmental Technologies solutions are designed to last. In the planning stage, we always think about the conditions in which our equipment will be installed. Where we can, we adjust the equipment to extend its lifetime as much as possible.

Another aspect we always review is reliability. We deliver reliable solutions that sustain reliable operation and that is the heart of our Environmental Technologies offering. We at Roxia are mindful of bringing you peace of mind when using our equipment.

Complete Availability of Spares

The nature of spare parts speaks for itself: eventually, they will reach the end of their intended lifetime. Or an external incident could damage certain spare parts. When this happens, do not worry. We have you covered.

We offer full support and spare part availability to solve any of these situations. We understand how critical the operation of Environmental Technologies equipment can be. The complete spare part portfolio has worldwide availability and a global reach. Roxia team gets you the spares you need to keep your process running.

Professional Maintenance Support

We understand that wastewater treatment is often not your core business. That is why we also offer full maintenance support carried out by our Environmental Technologies experts. As OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) we are here to help and let you focus on your core business.

  • Full equipment maintenance
  • Maintaining fault-free operation
  • Onsite staff training
  • Remote support with Roxia Digital Solutions

Roxia expert team takes care of your equipment and provides a fault-free operation. We can operate onsite and carry out all the maintenance work. Or keep an eye on installed Roxia’s equipment via our Digital Solutions and remotely support you in every possible way. If you would like to assess and implement maintenance with your own team, we also provide full onsite staff training.

Training? Sure!

Our Environmental Technologies equipment already comes with a comprehensive set of maintenance and operation instructions for its entire life cycle. Do you need training? Sure. We train your onsite team to operate and maintain Roxia’s equipment to keep it in tip-top condition. Additionally, we support you whenever you feel you might need expert advice or just an extra pair of hands.

Top material quality embedded in the latest technology

When we design and manufacture our Environmental Technologies solutions, we keep two things in mind:

High quality

Cutting-edge technology

There are no shortcuts to top-of-the-line equipment. Some of our Environmental Technologies solutions are unique worldwide. They are born from deep scientific research and years of development, therefore we believe only the highest quality materials are good enough.

Roxia Plasma Oxidizer™ is an effective non-thermal plasma technology for industrial water purification.

Cutting-Edge Environmental Technologies

Our Roxia Plasma Oxidizer is a completely unique and innovative water purification technology on a global level. We use cutting-edge technologies that bring a paradigm shift to the water treatment world.

What’s best for you?

Are you not sure which water treatment solution is the best for you? Do not worry. Our team of scientists and original designers are ready to talk with you. Who else is more knowledgeable to give you the insights you need to make the correct decision when it comes to the environmental processes?

Contact us, we always like to have a chat or a more in-depth discussion about Environmental Technologies solutions and how they can improve your economic efficiency.

Related life cycle support services

USER SUPPORT & PROCESS OPTIMISATIONNeed Support? Optimise Process To Improve Performance? We Got It!

Enjoy onsite or remote user support: we listen, understand, promptly respond and help optimise your process to the fullest.

Wirkungsvolle Wasser Reinigungs-Technologie

Der Roxia Plasma Oxidizer™ basiert auf der nicht-thermischen Plasmatechnologie für die industrielle Wasserreinigung und Prozesswasseraufbereitung. Durch Plasma erzeugte Oxidationsmittel entfernen Verfärbungen, Gerüche und organische Rückstände effektiv, während das Wasser gleichzeitig desinfiziert wird (Wasserdesinfektion). Der Roxia Plasma Oxidizer (FPO) ist eine hervorragende Alternative zur Ozon Wasseraufbereitung, UV Wasseraufbereitung und der chemischen Behandlung von Wasser.

Roxia Plasma Oxidizer is a superb alternative to ozone, UV and chemical water treatment.

Roxia Plasma Oxidizer ersetzt die chemische Wasserbehandlung

Der Roxia Plasma Oxidizer (FPO) ist eine einzigartige Wasseraufbereitungstechnologie, bei der nichtthermisches Plasma in direktem Kontakt mit Wasser verwendet wird, um gelöste organische Schadstoffe zu zerstören. Das gereinigte Wasser ist das Ergebnis eines vollständig chemikalienfreien Prozesses. Der FPO ist ein  Paradigmenwechsel in der oxidativen Wasser- und der Industriewasseraufbereitung. Transport, Lagerung und Handhabung riskanter Desinfektionschemikalien entfallen. Dadurch werden Kosten und Umweltrisiken gemindert. Der Roxia Plasma Oxidizer ist eine sicherere, wirtschaftlichere und umweltfreundlichere Lösung.

Der Roxia Plasma Oxidizer (FPO) ist eine  hervorragende Alternative zur Ozon-, UV- und der chemischen Behandlung von Wasser.

Was kann der Roxia Plasma Oxidizer?

Desinfektion von Wasser

Zerstörung organischer Schadstoffe

Entfernt Farben und Gerüche

Verhindert die Verschmutzung von Membranen

Reinigung von Kühlwässern

Entfernt pharmazeutische Rückstände

Wie funktioniert der FPO?

Das aufzubereitende Wasser fließt durch ein nicht thermisches Plasmafeld.

Dadurch entstehen starke Oxidationsmittel aus dem behandelten Wasser und der Umgebungsluft.

Die Oxidationsmittel zerstören Schadstoffe und desinfizieren das Wasser nachhaltig.

Der Roxia Plasma Oxidizer (FPO) bringt die direkte Plasmaoxidation in ein Industrieprodukt.

Konventionelle Systeme und Ihr Mehrwert durch den FPO

Ozon Systeme

Ihr Mehrwert durch den FPO:

  • Niedrigere Energiekosten
  • Höchste Oxidationsleistung für ihr Geld

UV systeme

Ihr Mehrwert durch den FPO:

  • Robustes Design: Nur Edelstahlteile in Verbindung mit Wasser, keine beweglichen Teile → geringe Wartung
  • Unempfindlich gehen Trübung
  • Keine UV Lampen

Chemische Wasserbehandlung

Ihr Mehrwert durch den FPO:

  • Keine Chemikalien, Logistik, Lagerung oder Verwendung
  • Keine chlorhaltigen Nebenprodukte
  • Nur Nutzung von elektrischer Energie
  • Geringere Sicherheitsprotokolle

Powerful Water Purification Technology

Roxia Plasma Oxidizer™ is an effective non-thermal plasma technology for industrial water purification. Plasma generated oxidants effectively remove colour, odour and organic residues while disinfecting the water. Roxia Plasma Oxidizer (RPO) is the superb water purification system alternative to ozone, UV and chemical treatment.

Roxia Plasma Oxidizer is a superb alternative to ozone, UV and chemical water treatment.

Roxia Plasma Oxidizer Replaces Treatment Chemicals With Plasma

Roxia Plasma Oxidizer (RPO) is unique industrial water treatment technology as it uses non-thermal plasma in direct contact with water to destroy dissolved organic pollutants. Purified water can now be a result of completely chemical-free process. RPO is considered to be the paradigm shift in oxidative water treatment and industrial water purification. It eliminates the need for transportation, storage and handling of risky disinfection chemicals, thereby mitigating costs and environmental risks. Roxia Plasma Oxidizer is safer, more economical and environmentally friendlier solution.

Roxia Plasma Oxidizer is a superb alternative to ozone, UV and chemical water treatment.

What can Roxia Plasma Oxidizer do?

Disinfect water

Destroy organic pollutants

Remove colour and odour

Prevent membrane fouling

Purify plant cooling and process waters

Remove pharmaceutical residues

How does Roxia Plasma Oxidizer work?

Treated water runs through non-thermal plasma field

This creates strong oxidants from the treated water and surrounding air

The oxidants then destroy pollutants and disinfect the water with a lasting effect

Roxia Plasma Oxidizer (RPO) turns direct plasma oxidation into an industrial product.

Roxia Plasma Oxidizer is also suitable for other operations and processes. Want to know more?

Fill in the contact form and Roxia wastewater treatment professionals will advise you.

Gained value from RPO against conventional systems

Ozone systems

Your value from RPO:

  • Lower energy consumption
  • More powerful oxidation for the money

UV systems

Your value from RPO:

  • Robust design: only stainless steel is in contact with the water, no moving parts -> low maintenance
  • Insensitive towards turbidity
  • No UV lamps

Chemical treatment

Your value from RPO:

  • No chemical logistics, storage and use
  • No chlorinated byproducts
  • Only electricity is used
  • Reduced safety protocols

ProjectsScaling up the Roxia Plasma Oxidizer

The project objective is to design a 10-kW Roxia plasma Oxidizer (RPO). This serves to fill a technological gap on organics control in ZLD targets within mining water management, where the technology has been proven extremely efficient.

This activity was funded by the Start-up & SME Booster Programme from the EIT RawMaterials, funded by the EIT, a body of the European Union supported under the Horizon 2020 research and innovation program.

Water protection programme stamp. The City of Lappeenranta and the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and Environment.

ProjectsCleaner hospital wastewaters

Roxia Plasma Oxidizer™ aims to destroy 90-99 % pharmaceutical residues from the hospital wastewaters. With this installation, Roxia is the trailblazer on a global scale as this will be the first-of-a-kind on the planet!

The system will degrade pharmaceuticals before the hospital sewage enters the public sewer network and the concentrations are diluted. Installation to the local Central Hospital in Lappeenranta, Finland, was funded by the City of Lappeenranta and the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and Environment.

More information:

Interested in brochures, datasheets and articles?

ArticlePlasma Oxidizer Water Treatment Technology

Roxia Plasma Oxidizer™ (RPO) utilizes non-thermal plasma for water treatment. The system contains electrode stacks that generate special types of electric discharges to create an ambient-temperature plasma field inside a reactor.

Technical data

Roxia Plasma Oxidizer 3kW

Net weight ~1100 kg
Gross weight ~1800 kg
Volumetric capacity 65 m3/h
Input power ~6 kW
Nominal plasma power 3 kW
Voltage / frequency 400 V / 50 Hz 3 phase, other standards available
Water inlet R4” male thread
Water outlet R6” male thread
Water inlet R2” male thread
Gas outlet 1/2”
Gas inlet (optional O2 generator) 1/2”
Min. & max. ambient temp 1 °C to 30 °C
Min. & max. water temp. 1 °C to 35 °C
Inputs 24 V DC for remote operation
Outputs 230 VAC relays indicating system operation and alarms
Materials in contact with water AISI 316, PE

How Can Roxia Solve Your Problems?

We have a systematic and customer-oriented approach to find the best water and wastewater treatment solutions.

Preliminary assessment

We help define the basic information and collect all technical details. Then we assess the scope of the challenge and conceptualize probable solutions. Through site visits and field testing or laboratory studies, we gain understanding of the onsite opportunities and how the water responds to treatment.

Solution proposal

After the preliminary assessments, Roxia experts may offer pilot studies, design on flow chart level and estimates on the scope of the likely investment and related operational expenses. Pilot-scale studies of the wastewater are done with a variety of technologies and processes.

Design, delivery & support

After reviewing all information, we conduct a detailed design project for the water treatment system, manufacture and deliver the process. Roxia offers continuous support to ensure our customers meet and maintain their target emission levels!

Roxia Plasma Oxidizer™ is an effective non-thermal plasma technology for industrial water purification.

Roxia Plasma OxidizerPowerful Water Purification Technology

Superb water purification system alternative to ozone, UV and chemical treatment.

Roxia Floating Aerator™ is a turbine surface aerator for the treatment of industrial and municipal wastewater.

Floating AeratorEfficient Turbine Surface Aerator

Roxia Floating Aerator™ efficiently aerates industrial and municipal wastewater at a low cost.

Water-treatment-screening-chemical dosing-flotation-Roxia

Containerized Unit OperationsWater Treatment: Screening, Chemical Dosing, Flotation, etc.

Use containerized units for different wastewater treatment processes and avoid expensive and time-consuming investments.

Testing and Piloting ServicesTest Before Going Full-Scale

Run laboratory tests or carry out onsite piloting to find the right chemistry or establish performance indicators for a process.

How do we improve performance?

See Case Studies

“The wastewater treatment process equipment by Owatec and Roxia Malibu automation have been innovative and the process is running smoothly. We have gained both savings and lower impurities levels.”

— Riku Isohätälä, CEO, Hätälä Oy

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